Get Thee Behind Me

IMG_2780TF is this demon bird doing walking around where decent people are minding their own business?!

(I’ve always hated turkeys. If they tasted better I would eat more of them just to ensure there were fewer wandering around.)

Miles walked: 3.48

Currently reading: The Gunslinger: Dark Tower I, Stephen King

It’s the little things

I just saw a squirrel carrying an entire burrito in its mouth and it might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Despite this, he was too quick for me to snap a pic.

Miles walked: 2.06

Listening to: Dave Ramsey calls

Do something every day that scares someone else

I’ve always disliked bridges. They manage to combine my fear of heights with my fear of drowning in one neat little anxiety-inducing package.

Nevertheless, today I checked off walking over yet another of the 16 bridges downtown. I think I have 3 or so left on the Riverwalk, so it should be easily accomplished before I move out of here.

Found these on the way, might have to plant some next year. They’re so delightfully gaudy.


Miles walked: 1.44